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Borrow with the Workplace Loan

Whether you're needing a holiday, new car or to make changes to your home - if your employer is signed up as a Workplace Partner, you may be able to access a Workplace Loan from Unify from just 0.48% per month (6% APR) on the reducing balance.

This means if you borrow £6000 and repay over 60 months, you will pay back £115.44 a month, and the total you will pay will be £926.38.

Our current Workplace Partners currently include: 

If your company is not listed above but you feel you and your colleagues would benefit from this service, please speak to your employer and suggest they contact us at info@unifycu.org

IMPORTANT - if you are in a debt management plan, subject of a Debt Relief Order,  IVA or bankruptcy or not currently up to date with household bills we are unlikely to be able to provide you with a loan.  

Debt advice can be obtained, free of charge, from STEPCHANGEDEBT ADVICE FOUNDATION or your local CITIZENS ADVICE.  

Free and impartial money advice can be obtained from The Money Advice Service





  1. Direct Loans are available if you have been in employment with one of our Trusted Partners for at least six months.
  2. The maximum available to borrow is £7500.00
  3. There is no minimum repayment term
  4. There are no early settlement fees
  5. Applicants must provide the most recent three months payslips when submitting their application
  6. Applicants must provide their most recent three months bank statements from all accounts held by the applicant and spouse/partner
  7. Loan repayments are to be made by payroll deduction only
  8. Applicants must become a member of Unify Credit Union and must save a minimum of £10 per month whilst repaying this loan
  9. Top up loans can only be considered once one quarter of the loan has been repaid.
  10. Further conditions may apply - see Loan Agreement and General Loan Conditions.

Workplace Loan

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